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I haven’t had chicken rice in over 6 months. That’s a lie. I did have a chicken rice sometime in July/August in Menlo Park. It was not so good so I like to pretend it never happened.

This chicken rice episode definitely did happen though. River Valley Road was not exactly what you would call convenient for me location-wise but it does have this nice strip of eateries that were bustling on the night we made it the area.

To your right: full on traffic (we sat outside right up against the main street). To your left: glistening plates of chicken rice.

Don’t be alarmed by the wilted cilantro that is neither here nor there really. Focus on the ji fan juices collecting in the corner of the plate and the tender chicken bits perched lovingly above it.

There were two of these babies by the way. (I was with Therese on this particular dinner outing.)

No fun without the fan (that’s the Chinese word for rice and not the appliance that keeps you cool in the summer, it’s also just a not funny joke all around).

They serve the rice in little pyramids here. It’s a bit browner than other chicken rice places and some online reviews suggest that it’s too oily but I don’t share that complaint. It was delicious to me.

I miss sticky black sauce.

The only downside to this place? Pretty expensive. I mean, it’s good but it’s not so good that it has to be 2-3x more than hawker center chicken rice. Total for 2 people (including service charge, etc) was SGD16.

Boon Tong Kee Little Gourmet: 425 River Valley Road Singapore

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December 25, 2010 at 2:34 am

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