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kim moh beef noodle, singapore

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Gary is one of those rare Singapore specimens.

He has a car.

A car that takes him to places that are otherwise arduous journeys for those of us relegated to the (actually pretty awesome) public transportation system in Singapore. As a last hurrah Gary took me to one of the randomest noodle joints ever. It resulted in me being: grateful (yay a car), confused (where the hell are we), stuffed (oh wow so good), and angry (thanks for sharing your favorite food place as I’m leaving and will probably never be able to eat here again).

Did I mention that it used to be a Western themed tavern?

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December 28, 2010 at 4:14 pm

spize, river valley road, singapore

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Did I mention that after that chicken rice meal Therese and I were hankering for something sweet? Well we were. We ended up at the coffee shop next door that sold loads of different prata.

It’s banana cheese prata served with curry. I’m not sure what possessed us to order this particular combination.

It was good and we ate it.

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December 26, 2010 at 1:01 pm

boon tong kee little gourmet, singapore

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I haven’t had chicken rice in over 6 months. That’s a lie. I did have a chicken rice sometime in July/August in Menlo Park. It was not so good so I like to pretend it never happened.

This chicken rice episode definitely did happen though. River Valley Road was not exactly what you would call convenient for me location-wise but it does have this nice strip of eateries that were bustling on the night we made it the area.

To your right: full on traffic (we sat outside right up against the main street). To your left: glistening plates of chicken rice.

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Written by joann

December 25, 2010 at 2:34 am

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the next great singapore food tour

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Before I left Singapore we had another Singapore Food Tour (seriously, you could probably have an infinite amount of these in Singapore – there are so many places to eat).

Actually, wait. I have a few, unrelated things to purge from my brain.

– Yesterday I found a dead frog on the table in one of the conference rooms at work. Dis.gust.ing. How did it get there? No one knows.

– I am totally obsessed with watching Top Chef All Stars. I DVR each episode and then watch it about 5 million times. No, not just because of Dale Talde. (Although it’s a nice bonus.) The challenges are freakin’ crazy this season and you got some pretty badass chefs on the show. Except for Jamie who keeps flying under the radar…

– My brother got me the Momofuku book for Christmas and now I really, really want to try the cereal milk custard and the ramen.

– I’m leaving for a trip to Asia in a few days and I’m not packed at all.

– I wore boots over my jeans for the first time 2 days ago. I’m still recovering.

– I hate this laptop.

Okay, I feel better. Where were we?

Singapore. Food Tours. Let’s talk about it.

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Written by joann

December 24, 2010 at 3:34 pm

sin hoi sai, tiong bahru

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I’m sleepy but I’m a big fan of Sin Hoi Sai and I want to tell you all about it.

Er. I’m pretty sleepy so I’ll probably do more showing than actually telling.

Here we go.

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February 9, 2010 at 12:54 am

staying naive

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Have you ever had mushrooms that taste like jelly doughnuts?


I have. It was weird. I’m not sure I liked it but I kept eating them. First because it took awhile for me to pinpoint the flavor. Secondly because it was so weird you had to keep eating it just to make sure.

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Written by joann

January 20, 2010 at 7:00 pm

mamak, sydney

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Okay foodies, that’s enough lollygagging.

I’m back to blogging with 14 days of posts teed up for you. We have a lot of catching up to do.

We’ll wrap things up in Sydney, make a quick stop in the Philippines, take a break in Singapore, head Stateside, then head back home to the shores of the Lion City. Got all that? Let’s do it!


Sometimes my friends are so mean.

Here I am. Living in Singapore. Traveling many hours to meet up with them in Sydney. Guess what they want to eat when we get there? Roti.

Ugh do they hate me or something? I live in, like, roti central and it’s, like, 2 bucks here. Why would I go all the way to Sydney and eat roti? I should be eating kangaroo or emu or something.

When we first swung by the line was too long and our hunger too eager so we ended up elsewhere (no kangaroo or emu, more Asian food but that’s a story for another day). On one of the days I simply gave in and agreed to trying Mamak for lunch.

Admittedly, the place does have a lure. There’s  big window where you can see the rotis being stretched and pounded and otherwise tortured. That combined with the smell of clarified butter is a potent siren song.

Okay Mamak, let’s see what this wannabe Singaporean has to say about you.

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Written by joann

January 17, 2010 at 2:21 am

playing nice with chicken rice

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Look it rhymes. It never rhymes so that’s kind of  big deal.

You know what else is a big deal (in Singapore, anyway)? Chicken rice. Most everyone is a fan of chicken rice. My last few run ins have been just eh. I mean steamed/boiled chicken and some rice. How good could it be.

Apparently, pretty darn good if you get lucky.


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Written by joann

October 20, 2009 at 11:14 pm

pizza on the go

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In the same vein as my Mosburger post (ie unique local chains) is Kono Pizza.

If you’re guessing based on the name you would be right. Pizza. In a cone.


I can appreciate the mobility of such a food but there are still some tweaks to be made if you ask me.

The result of putting pizza in a cone: a deep layer of oily cheese that will burn your lips off, a bready buttery cone of crust, mediocre sauciness with bits of pepperoni, and a pool of oil in the tip of the cone. This last bit is most disconcerting since in an ice cream cone that last bit is the best part. Not so with the pizza cone.

Judge for yourself.

Kono Pizza: the one above from B1 of Liang Court at Clarke Quay but other shops on the island

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September 13, 2009 at 9:19 pm

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mosburger intro

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When you live in a certain place long enough you forget how interesting some of the everyday fast food chain restaurants are.

Case in point: Mosburger.

First of all I hate the name. It reminds me of Monster Burger which has these icky lookin’ stands all over the Philippines.

Second of all they have regular burgers and they have rice burgers.


See? Rice burgers. No bread to be found here. Instead, bread shaped rice buns. This one is with yakiniku beef. They also have unagi, shrimp, scallop, and other things you don’t normally find Stateside. I don’t get this that often since if I want rice I’ll go get an actual rice meal and if I want a burger I’ll just get a real freakin’ burger. But every once in awhile my craving will hit dead center and off to Mosburger I will go.

Mosburger: the one above from Plaza Singapura but chains all over the island

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September 10, 2009 at 8:48 pm

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