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mk trendy, bangkok

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Hotpot, steamboat, shabu shabu. Different names, same thing – lazy restaurant that makes you do all the cooking.

MK Trendy is a hotpot chain in Bangkok known especially for their special dipping sauce. Sweet and salty and just a smidge spicy with sesame seed and cilantro for added smiles.


I wasn’t blown away by the food here but I’m sharing because MK Trendy has a few things that you really need to see to believe.

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September 9, 2009 at 8:09 pm

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siam paragon = sensory overload

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When the homies came to visit two months ago I took them to the basement of Takashimaya which is one of my favorite places in Singapore. While moseying around deciding between more yakitori or an omelette made of yakisoba Jeff said, “Have you been to the basement of Siam Paragon in Bangkok? I think you would like it.”

This my friends is how I ended up asking Muk to take me to Siam Paragon on my last trip to Bangkok. As luck would have it our hotel (the Grand Hyatt Erawan) is conveniently located within walking distance to Paragon so we had no trouble walking the concrete above ground maze that connects a handful of Bangkok’s finest shopping establishments.

Let’s talk about this mall right quick. It has a BMW dealership. It’s not even on the first floor. It’s, like, on the 3rd floor something crazy like that. Now tell me: how do they even get those cars up there? Do they have a special elevators or something? How often do they switch it up? Does not compute. The rest of the mall is equally impressive with international brands and lots of high end things that neither you nor I can afford even on a good day.

Luckily the basement eats do not require a black credit card of any kind.


I did not know what to do with myself once we got there.

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August 24, 2009 at 12:02 am

koko’s at siam square, bangkok

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This meal is a bit of a blur in my head. It was the celebratory meal after my team worked super (super!) hard at our event in Bangkok. Working super hard means that most of us had missed lunch that day leaving us famished and ready to gorge on dinner. Since Siam Square is the funnest place ever and has plenty of eateries (and an iberry, ahem, see above) we trucked on overto find a suitable dinner joint.

Now usually I wouldn’t go to vegeterian people for dinner recs (sorry, herbivores). I mean, I like tofu and all but I also need meat in my life and I’m not gonna go from famished to vegetables. That would be silly and then I would be grouchy. This restaurant is a favorite of Nop and Kwan (the vegetarians) due to its veggie friendly menu. For us meat eaters they have meat versions of most of their dishes. For tourists, the entire menu is in Thai so point and pick or drag along some Thai friends.

Now on to the picture parade.

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May 24, 2009 at 7:58 pm

secret garden, bangkok

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One thing that’s nice about where I work is that people are from all over Southeast Asia. The major perk of this, of course, is that when you travel to these awesome destinations you get firsthand tips and advice about where to go and what to do and, most importantly for this little piggie, where to eat. If you’re very very lucky you’ll even get to visit these destinations with these local experts in tow.

So it goes that when I was in Bangkok and told Pui and Muk to pick a place to eat, they picked one of their favorites – Secret Garden.


Meatballs are always kinda scary because you’re never quite sure what you’re gonna get when you bite in. Thailand’s version is meaty but with the requisite lemongrass, basil, and chili flavors that are so common in Thai food. These were very nice – lightly browned on the outside (hell yes they are fried) and soft and tender on the inside.

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March 10, 2009 at 8:00 pm

terrace 61, bangkok

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Blah. I’m a bit angry at the blog right now. I found out I can’t install Analytics on the darn thing and it has me feeling a bit like I want to give it the cold shoulder.  On the other hand, the food pictures are starting to pile up and the backlog needs some attention. I suppose that wins this time around. Although, this doesn’t mean I forgive you WordPress [insert a picture of me with my lips pursed and looking irritated].

I went to Bangkok last week for a few days for work. (I know, I’m such a jet setter. Not.) Our first meal in Bangkok was lunch at Terrace 61. I have no friggin’ clue where T61 is. It’s pretty far from the city center though as we were on the outskirts of Bangkok for the meeting we had pre-lunch. The Thai ladies did all of the ordering, obviously.

Dish 1 was the requisite tom yum.


It was mighty spicy and mighty red. It was good as tom yums go but I gotta admit that I’m a bit tired of tom yum and would not mind a Thai meal that was tom yum-less.

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February 8, 2009 at 9:40 pm

first thai, singapore

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I requested Thai food on my first day in the Singapore office and the team took me to First Thai. I’ve wanted to go back ever since and we finally rounded up the ol’ gang to enjoy some for dinner last Friday.

Just past the famous Raffles Hotel tucked away on a side street is First Thai. Unless you’re special they don’t take reservations so come early (for lunch or for dinner, ps they’re closed in between). The prices are reasonable and the food is super good. Super good enough for Thai folks to enjoy. Try not to read this post while you’re hungry.

You’ve been warned.

We actually started with the papaya salad but it burnt my tongue off and I forgot to take a picture. What’s above is olive rice. Never heard of it? Me either. It’s very flavorful and probably made with an olive paste. It’s light and the grains separate easily. I love olives and I love rice. Together there is harmony.

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Written by joann

August 25, 2008 at 9:52 pm

rimping village part 2

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Yah, that’s right we ate at the hotel two nights in a row in Chiang Mai. What can I say? We were too lazy and chicken to venture too far from the hotel. We were also beat from all the monkeying around in the jungle and decided that turning in early would be ideal. If it makes you feel better we sorta kinda walked through the Night Market.

Can we take a moment and just give props to the awesomeness of my picture taking skills right now. These were taken on Jlin’s camera as I was too lazy to go upstairs to grab mine. Veggie egg rolls freshly fried served with a sweet and spicy sauce. They look like little nubbins.

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Written by joann

May 26, 2008 at 12:29 pm

flight of the gibbon, chiang mai

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We had this meal as part of the Flight of the Gibbon package on our first full day in Chiang Mai. It was served in a small outdoor restaurant in the mountains 45 minutes outside of Chiang Mai in Mae Kompong village.

We each got our own bowl of spicy chicken green curry. Very fragrant from the lemongrass, a light broth of curry and coconut milk, and native chicken with a few veggies. They had a tofu version for Jessica to enjoy.

We also got a dish of steamed veggies – squash, cabbage, bell peppers, and cauliflower that was lightly seasoned and flavored with pork belly.

Watermelon and guava (pass, I do NOT like guava) for dessert.

So what the heck is Flight of the Gibbon you ask? It’s one of those ziplining adventures where you get to hop from tree to tree and pretend to fly through the jungle. There’s a bunch of these all over the world and the one in Chiang Mai is quite new – opened just this past January.

For about USD60 the Gibbon folks (who ps are super nice) will pick you up from the hotel, harness you up, zip you through the trees, feed you lunch, send you to a waterfall, and then take you back to your hotel. Not bad right?

That’s me and my big booty in the back there. There are two of these skybridges during the trek. The entire thing is super safe. There are 2 guides for each group of 6-7 trekkers.

Me on the zipline flapping my arms like a dummy and Mr Nui ready to catch me in the foreground.

There are three or so drops throughout the course which keeps things interesting. The giant tree in the picture is actually two trees intertwined with each other. The last drop is 60+ meters down. For major fun ask to be attached by your back instead of your front. It’s much more exciting that way. 😛

To book your own adventure visit www.treetopasia.com

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May 26, 2008 at 11:16 am

rimping village, chiang mai

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We had our first dinner in Chiang Mai at the hotel. We were pretty tired from our sprint through Bangkok Airport and had arrived in Chiang Mai just as night fell making the area around our hotel less appealing to venture out into (yah, we’re scared of the dark). We had a lovely dinner served by the nicest, sweetest hotel staff in the history of hotel staffs.

So that you can best enjoy your meal they’ll set out a fan, a citronella-type candle near your feet, and will lend you some natural mosquito repellant spray. The menu has both Thai and Western dishes. We jumped on all the Thai food and started with some spicy tofu and eggplant for the vegetarian.

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May 25, 2008 at 10:22 pm

amarin thai, mountain view, ca

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Julia and I had work this weekend so we made sure to not burn the midnight oil on Friday. Instead, we (Julia, Jlin, and I) headed out at 5:30pm to catch some sun and grab an early dinner.

We strategically placed ourself on Castro (the one in MV not SF) for easy access to frozen yogurt after dinner. It didn’t take too much thinking before ending up at Amarin Thai. I’ve been to Amarin before but have yet to post about it.

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April 12, 2008 at 11:18 pm

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