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congrats franky & sasa!

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There was major insistence on getting dim sum for the first meal of the trip. The staff at the Metropark Hotel Mongkok (which ps is not terrible but is not as nice as the Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay) recommended we truck it over the Pioneer Center for some eats. After finding the food elevator we arbitrarily picked a floor and, bc we’re out of our minds, decided on the floor that opened into some of the tackiest decor I’ve seen this side of Vegas.

In true Vegas fashion we had run right smack dab into some wedding reception. Congratulations Franky and Sasa! Best wishes on your wedding!

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Written by joann

September 9, 2008 at 11:46 pm

super star seafood, hong kong

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Ok so obviously this is not real food. I found this little set up during a restroom hunt post-mango sago break at a toy store in Mongkok. The awesome part is that it’s almost an exact replica of the neverending dinner we had the night before at Super Star Seafood at Harbour City.

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Written by joann

September 7, 2008 at 12:02 am

third time’s a charm?

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Does that apply even if the first and second times were also charming?

2008 will forever be known as the year of Hong Kong for me. As ridiculous as it sounds, I’ll be in Hong Kong again tomorrow. This time for work purposes.

This does mean more HK eats which means more HK posts. Good thing I have a Hong Kong label. While I’m out, you can enjoy some of my favorites from HK trips past…

Australia Dairy Company

Mysterious Carrots

A Bridge and A Crab

The HK Top 5 (a la me)

In other news, I saw an article today about a restaurant in Singapore that serves foie gras xiao long bao. Wonder what that would taste like? I suppose there’s only one way to find out…

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September 2, 2008 at 10:06 pm

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almost but not really macau

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We rolled up to the Hong Kong YMCA (which btw is surprisingly nice) pretty late. Good thing we were with Jen who knows this part of HK like the back of her Cantonese hand. We ended up at Macau Restaurant which you can tell is a good choice since it was 10pm and still poppin with lots of locals pulling up stools.

I *think* this is a honey lemon drink. Although, I feel like it was more complicated than that. In any case, it’s listed as one of their specialties, I ordered it iced, and I thought it was nicely refreshing. Extra points that it was served in one of those old school metal diner cups.

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Written by joann

May 28, 2008 at 10:35 pm

just what the world needed

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You would think I would be done with any HK-related posts. Yet here we are.

Check out these Roasted Sausage Flavour Mongkok Style potato chips. I can’t do a comparison to the original Mongkok sausages but these chips were pretty good. I expected them to be neon orange from the pictures on the front of the bag but they were only lightly dusted with spice.

Like barbeque flavored chips except with a slight hint of sausage. Weird but pretty good.

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April 13, 2008 at 6:53 pm

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hong kong pastry parade

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Thought I was done with my HK posts? Me too! We were wrong. I had a Stan’s donut today for dinner. Probably a bad idea. In honor of that donut and donuts all over the world, I present the long awaited (but only by me) HK Pastry Parade. For those of you who wonder about my health, I still have a sore throat. You are so thoughtful for asking!


One of my favorite things about Hong Kong (2nd only to my love of the MTR) is that there’s a bakery on every corner. Tons of them everywhere. Near the mall, across the street, next to 7-11, in the MTR station. Check out the cute mouse mousse mini cake they had at Maxim’s in Central across the street from H&M.

I’m skipping ahead though. The first pastry I had in HK was from Queen’s Bakery in Causeway Bay.


This was the infamous pork curry bun (or was it beef) that ruined my appetite for dinner. It had a few kernals of corn on top for decoration. It was about HKD7 (USD1). While at Queen’s I also picked this up. I figured it would be handy in case I needed a midnight snack.


I picked diet in a lame attempt to watch my caloric intake. I have no idea if there is anything diet about it. In any case, it was soft and airy but kinda dry. Not bad but I didn’t finish it in one sitting.


I was chomping on this one while I took that picture of the mouse cake. Sweet bread with cream cheese on th einside dusted with sugar and sliced almonds. This would have tasted yummier had it still been warm. It was still a good fill up between our Central shopping marathon.


Lastly, I leave you with Teddy Bear Buns from Queens Bakery. So cute. How can you eat a face like that?

Written by joann

February 25, 2008 at 10:42 pm

hong kong top 5: eats edition

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Just in case it wasn’t clear, I had an awesome time in Hong Kong. Definitely a city that I’ll be coming back to. In honor of my new fan-hood for HK, here’s my top 5 eats starting with numero cinco.

5. Black Sesame Ice Cream from Wasabisabi


Best black sesame ice cream ever. Pricey at HKD44 but worth every tasty bite. Plus you gotta love the fancy presentation.

4. Thick Ass Toast + Milk Tea


You have to drink milk tea in Hong Kong. Something strong with tea flavor and creamy with evaporated milk. You have to drink it with thick, giant, mutant, buttery slices of toast. Include a bustling Chinese breakfast place at rush hour and you have a winner.

3. Peking Duck


Warm, crepe-style pancakes wrapped around slices of fatty Peking duck, cucumber, and leeks. Add hoisin sauce and watch your cholesterol rise. Soooooo goood.

2. High Tea


We did high tea not once but twice. First at the Peninsula and next at the Four Seasons. Each time just feels special. Little teapots of unique teas (lychee green tea anyone?), dainty finger sandwiches, fancy desserts, clotted cream, yummy scones. Relax in the comfy seats (esp at the Four Seasons), rest your feet from all the walking, and chat about the advice of fortune tellers. Okay maybe not that last part.

1. Mango Sago


This stuff is gooder than good. Addictive in the extreme with dozens of varieties you will find something that suits your taste buds for sure. They have spots all over Hong Kong. Just think of it, turn the corner, and the stuff will magically appear. Each serving is about HKD25-38 depending on which one you pick. My pick: mango + mango puree + glutinous rice balls + coconut milk.

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February 21, 2008 at 9:48 pm

fancy tea at the four seasons

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Our flight home to San Francisco was not until 10:30 in the evening but we had to check out of the hotel by 2pm. How to spend those hours in between?

Shopping. And tea. More fancy tea.

After no less than 3 hours at our secret shopping spot where I bought 5 more coats, we MTRed it over Central to try our high tea luck at the Four Seasons. While the Peninsula is regal, the Four Seasons is new school bougie. We got a big table with velvet couches and arm chairs right next to the piano.

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Written by joann

January 29, 2008 at 11:27 pm

the house of mango delights

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Hong Kong is a mango lover’s dream. You wouldn’t think it but WOW. If you love mango you are going to be a happy camper here. I present to you… Hui Lau Shan.

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Written by joann

January 27, 2008 at 9:54 pm

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a serenade for victoria harbor

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Not allowed to visit Hong Kong without hitting the light show over Victoria Harbor. After an afternoon of fortune telling and high tea on the Kowloon side, we walked to the promenade to watch the show. The next night we picked a restaurant with a view of the harbor to celebrate our last night in lovely Hong Kong. Our pick? Serenade Restaurant located on the first floor of the Hong Kong Cultural Centre.

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Written by joann

January 27, 2008 at 1:04 pm