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koko’s at siam square, bangkok

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This meal is a bit of a blur in my head. It was the celebratory meal after my team worked super (super!) hard at our event in Bangkok. Working super hard means that most of us had missed lunch that day leaving us famished and ready to gorge on dinner. Since Siam Square is the funnest place ever and has plenty of eateries (and an iberry, ahem, see above) we trucked on overto find a suitable dinner joint.

Now usually I wouldn’t go to vegeterian people for dinner recs (sorry, herbivores). I mean, I like tofu and all but I also need meat in my life and I’m not gonna go from famished to vegetables. That would be silly and then I would be grouchy. This restaurant is a favorite of Nop and Kwan (the vegetarians) due to its veggie friendly menu. For us meat eaters they have meat versions of most of their dishes. For tourists, the entire menu is in Thai so point and pick or drag along some Thai friends.

Now on to the picture parade.

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Written by joann

May 24, 2009 at 7:58 pm

orange shabu shabu, taipei

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I’m behind a few days on the TPE-week. Let’s do some catching up.

Jess had planned to take us to hotpot on Friday after our trip to the Palace Museum. Which, ps, we did in a record 1.5 hours. Some say that’s not enough time to see the crazy huge treasure trove of Chinese artifacts. For 3 ADD tourists, it was a smidge rushed but acceptable. If you visit, give yourself 3+ hours to enjoy.

But, I digress.

When Simon heard of our plans he mocked us for our choice in hotpot venue and told us to swing by and join his friends at Orange Shabu Shabu. Since Simon is probably the most useful person we know in the whole universe, we easily agreed.

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Written by joann

October 26, 2008 at 8:53 pm

chen fu ji noodle house, singapore

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I was rummaging through my pictures and noticed that I still have a few shots of Singapore eats that I haven’t posted yet…

MG and I noticed this place during our first stop in Singapore AFTER we had a meal at the food court next door. Doh! Good thing we had a few more stops in Singapore to come back to it.


Changi has plenty of eateries. This one is on the second floor of Terminal 2’s Transit Lounge. We had this meal after our stint in India. We tried to wait until we got to the Philippines for rice and fried fish but in the end we couldn’t wait any longer.

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Written by joann

January 7, 2008 at 11:53 pm