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crystal jade hong kong cafe

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Don’t worry I’m not in Hong Kong again. đŸ™‚

This past Friday the gang got together to bid adieu to Selene as she heads back to (strangely enough) Hong Kong. We had aspirations of First Thai but were denied since they’re closed for Chinese New Year. Not one to be discouraged, we trekked a little further to Liang Seah Street and settled on Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe.

I was a bit confused at first. I had been to Crystal Jade before but their speciality was xiao long bao and la mian. This CJ was all about congee and milk tea. Apparently the Crystal Jade peeps have their fingers in lots of different pots and this is a different flavor of the same chain.

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Written by joann

January 25, 2009 at 10:08 pm

hong kong top 5: eats edition

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Just in case it wasn’t clear, I had an awesome time in Hong Kong. Definitely a city that I’ll be coming back to. In honor of my new fan-hood for HK, here’s my top 5 eats starting with numero cinco.

5. Black Sesame Ice Cream from Wasabisabi


Best black sesame ice cream ever. Pricey at HKD44 but worth every tasty bite. Plus you gotta love the fancy presentation.

4. Thick Ass Toast + Milk Tea


You have to drink milk tea in Hong Kong. Something strong with tea flavor and creamy with evaporated milk. You have to drink it with thick, giant, mutant, buttery slices of toast. Include a bustling Chinese breakfast place at rush hour and you have a winner.

3. Peking Duck


Warm, crepe-style pancakes wrapped around slices of fatty Peking duck, cucumber, and leeks. Add hoisin sauce and watch your cholesterol rise. Soooooo goood.

2. High Tea


We did high tea not once but twice. First at the Peninsula and next at the Four Seasons. Each time just feels special. Little teapots of unique teas (lychee green tea anyone?), dainty finger sandwiches, fancy desserts, clotted cream, yummy scones. Relax in the comfy seats (esp at the Four Seasons), rest your feet from all the walking, and chat about the advice of fortune tellers. Okay maybe not that last part.

1. Mango Sago


This stuff is gooder than good. Addictive in the extreme with dozens of varieties you will find something that suits your taste buds for sure. They have spots all over Hong Kong. Just think of it, turn the corner, and the stuff will magically appear. Each serving is about HKD25-38 depending on which one you pick. My pick: mango + mango puree + glutinous rice balls + coconut milk.

Written by joann

February 21, 2008 at 9:48 pm

australia dairy company

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We got this as a recommendation for a good Chinese breakfast. Because we’re lame, we expected soy milk and pastries. Whoops. That’s Taiwanese breakfast not Chinese breakfast. Let it be known that I’ve never had such fear at breakfast before.

The food here is good but I’ll warn you if you’re a tourist, this is not a tourist-friendly establishment. It’s a neighborhood eatery frequented by locals. We’re talking grandmas sipping milk tea and younger types running to work. If you can’t speak Cantonese or read Chinese, you will be struggling. Luckily, we had both the Mandarin speaker/reader and the Cantonese speaker to guide us.

We were seated and the waiter pointed to two combo items on the menu that is sandwiched under the glass table top (pictured above, thanks MG). He pointed and left. Predicament. The menu is entirely in Chinese and there are no pictures. We looked around to what other people were eating as Jlin read the Chinese and spit out random translations. He came back and we asked him a few questions. He told us to hurry up with the order. Jlin and Julia confused him with both Mandarin and Cantonese instructions and questions. Scary? Yes. Funny? Yes.

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Written by joann

January 23, 2008 at 8:02 pm