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koko’s at siam square, bangkok

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This meal is a bit of a blur in my head. It was the celebratory meal after my team worked super (super!) hard at our event in Bangkok. Working super hard means that most of us had missed lunch that day leaving us famished and ready to gorge on dinner. Since Siam Square is the funnest place ever and has plenty of eateries (and an iberry, ahem, see above) we trucked on overto find a suitable dinner joint.

Now usually I wouldn’t go to vegeterian people for dinner recs (sorry, herbivores). I mean, I like tofu and all but I also need meat in my life and I’m not gonna go from famished to vegetables. That would be silly and then I would be grouchy. This restaurant is a favorite of Nop and Kwan (the vegetarians) due to its veggie friendly menu. For us meat eaters they have meat versions of most of their dishes. For tourists, the entire menu is in Thai so point and pick or drag along some Thai friends.

Now on to the picture parade.

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May 24, 2009 at 7:58 pm

secret garden, bangkok

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One thing that’s nice about where I work is that people are from all over Southeast Asia. The major perk of this, of course, is that when you travel to these awesome destinations you get firsthand tips and advice about where to go and what to do and, most importantly for this little piggie, where to eat. If you’re very very lucky you’ll even get to visit these destinations with these local experts in tow.

So it goes that when I was in Bangkok and told Pui and Muk to pick a place to eat, they picked one of their favorites – Secret Garden.


Meatballs are always kinda scary because you’re never quite sure what you’re gonna get when you bite in. Thailand’s version is meaty but with the requisite lemongrass, basil, and chili flavors that are so common in Thai food. These were very nice – lightly browned on the outside (hell yes they are fried) and soft and tender on the inside.

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March 10, 2009 at 8:00 pm

maxwell food center take 1

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After swinging by the new work digs on Friday, I went with a coworker to Maxwell Food Center to scope out some dinner. After walking up and down the aisles, I settled for a prawn omelette.

I kind of expected there to be onions or mushrooms or some other stuff folded into the omelette but it is quite literally just prawns and eggs (unless you count the 5 bits of green onion and sprig of parsley there). Regardless of its simplicity or maybe because of it, this dish was pretty good.

Served banana leaf style the eggs are scrambled and fried with the prawns mixed in. You get about 4-5 whole prawns that are shelled and deveined. They are cooked perfectly and remain juicy. The eggs have nicely fried edges and the whole thing is served with a side of chili sauce. This is my fave chili sauce of the ones I’ve had in Singapore. It’s got bite but not to the point where your tongue falls off and it’s salty instead of sweet.

It’ll cost you S$4 for the plate which was more than enough for me. I got this one at a stall called Marina South (on the left side of Maxwell, in the middle aisle). Sorry I’m not super descriptive about the location. I’ll have to be sure to take down the stall number next time.

I also had soursop juice from a neighboring stall and it was probably the worst juice I’ve here. Watery and not soursop-y at all. Blech.

Marina South Food Stall: Maxwell Food Center, Maxwell Rd & South Bridge Rd, Singapore

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October 6, 2008 at 8:15 pm

leg 1: san francisco to seoul

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Yah, I know I’m writing all of my travel posts out of order. No matter – food is food.

It takes a freakin’ long time to get to India. Like really long. Really, really long. The first leg of the journey was from San Francisco to Seoul. We were lucky enough to get decent deals on Singapore Airlines so we got to use the fancy individual media consoles they provide, sleep in the slightly roomier seats, and avail of the pretty tasty (by airplane standards) cuisine.


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October 17, 2007 at 5:55 pm

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