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malaysian airlines, sin to syd

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I’m back from Sydney and taking all of Sunday to recuperate from the fun times and the red eye flight. I came home to a super clean apartment courtesy of the parents and aunt who visited last week (we both left last Monday – them to the Philippines and me to Sydney). It was so nice of them to tidy up my lil’ crib.

Sadly, I only have a few Sydney posts (one of which is not food related) lined up. Certainly less than what I had thought I would come back with, but it was a fun trip nonetheless.

Let’s start off with the flights, yes? I took Malaysian Airlines because they had a deal for Singapore to Sydney for SGD600 – even less than the budget airlines.


My first impression of MH (the airline code for Malaysian Airlines) was ho-hum. They flew a small Boeing from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur which was quite old. All of the seats were different colors – orange, blue, red, green. The result was more fiesta than anything else.

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November 15, 2009 at 5:48 pm

vietnam airlines: han/sin/han

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I haven’t done an airplane food post in awhile but my first ever flight on Vietnam Airlines definitely deserves a little shout out. It’s sad that most US airlines have eliminated free food from their flights, most Asia carriers still serve them. The flight from Singapore to Hanoi is only about 3 hours long and we still got a nice meal.


Singapore to Hanoi. From the top left going clockwise: fruit plate with watermelon, pineapple, and lychee, warm bread, entree of mixed veggies, Thai curry rice, curry with fish cakes and prawn, and potato salad with pastrami.

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Written by joann

November 18, 2008 at 11:22 pm

flight food: sfo to hkg

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The whole reason why we ended up in Hong Kong was because of awesome fare deals on Singapore Airlines. The round trip flight set us back only USD770. What a deal!


In true fashion I took plenty of pictures of the plane food. Even though we boarded past midnight, we were still served a super late dinner. I picked the pesto pasta with chicken and mushrooms. Let’s call it oily but edible. Not the worst plane food ever but certainly not the best.

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January 23, 2008 at 6:17 pm

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goodbye athens!

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After 16 days of travelling, we wanted to make sure that our last dinner together was a good one. We whipped out the Top 10 Athens guidebooks for the best eats in the Kolanaki district of Athens which was just a few minutes walk from our hotel. The winner was Prytoeria (yah I totally spelled that wrong) on very trendy Milioni Street. The entire street is packed with people at tables eating dinner, smoking cigars, people watching, or sipping coffee. We got a table on the second floor of the restaurant and had the entire place to ourselves. Our waiter was a dead ringer for Mel Gibson (minus current troubles/personal issues :P).

Okay, I don’t usually take pictures of the bread they set out but this was actually a big deal. The bread in Paris was sad. What happened to those tasty baguettes? Goodness knows I didn’t get one. The bread in Italy was also not good. What’s lamer is that they make you PAY for the bread via a cover charge. The bread in Greece was usually not fancy but it was at least soft and fresh. The bread at Prytoeira was exceptional – crusty and warm with a selection of white and wheat plus breadsticks that were just a tad sweet and had all kinds of stuff on them. No butter but plenty of olives with sundried tomatoes in olive oil. They totally deserved getting their picture taken.


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Written by joann

May 31, 2007 at 8:10 pm

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flight food

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I’m finally back from my Europe adventures and have tons of food pics to share! They’re coming in no particular order but I figured the best way to start off was the same way you start any trip – at the airport and on the plane.

San Francisco to Frankfurt: chicken and gravy, mashed potatoes, green beans, lettuce (aka salad), carrot cake, bread roll


This was served by not-so-happy United Airlines flight attendants. Like most United food, it was too salty. The chicken had too much lemongrass or something that was way overpowering, but overall it was not bad. I steered clear of the requisite hard bread roll and chomped on the lettuce they were passing of as salad. The carrot cake was unremarkable.

San Francisco to Frankfurt: ham and cheese croissant, fruit cup


This was thrown onto my tray by the aforementioned not-so-happy flight attendants. It didn’t taste too bad (then again I’m not hard to please) but it did not look tasty. Had I not been hungry from the 10 hour flight I would not have touched it.

Rome to Athens: wrap, cheese sandwiches, lemon cake


I already have beef with Olympic Airlines since they changed our flight to Santorini no less than 4 times. The food they served was straight up strange. There were 2 cheese sandwiches slathered with mayo and one wrap with more mayo and some unidentifiable meat product. For dessert, a mostly meringue/cream lemon cake that had a 2mm burnt cake part at the bottom. Not a fan.

Athens to Frankfurt: pasta, bread roll


Lovely Lufthansa. The pasta was kinda oily but simple and pretty tasty. The bread was hard as a rock and had a strange grass-y aftertaste. Not sure what that’s about.

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May 29, 2007 at 6:16 pm