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the great singapore food tour

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I’m supposed to be in Bangkok right now relaxing with some iberry after a long day of ziplining in the rainforests of Chonburi. Instead, I’m chillin on the couch watching the first season of The OC with the brothers. What are the odds that my brother would develop a 101F fever, sore throat, and nausea 8 hours before our flight? Sigh. Grounded.

This does mean I have lots of time on my hands and thus have fewer excuses to drag my feet on the ol’ blog. In truth I’ve been feeling wishy washy about it. To blog or not to blog? I’ve been taking the camera out less and less, feeling less impressed and less intrigued by the yum yums to be had all over the island. Too lazy to document any culinary magic happening in my humble kitchen. In short my friends I’m feeling all blogged out. I’m trying to get revved up about it again so let’s begin by a post that needs, nay aches, to see the light of day.

Nags and I with the leadership of some of our favorite true blue Singaporeans, Melina and Isaac, put together an office food tour to visit 4 of the island’s tastiest hawker stalls. Please make way for the gluttony of 1 rainy Saturday in Singapore, 17 hungry tummies, and 4 hours of num nums in the tum tum.


The fun started in Tiong Bahru which I have to say has a pretty nice, modern hawker center. Very spacious, adequately clean, and lots of variety.

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crystal jade hong kong cafe

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Don’t worry I’m not in Hong Kong again. đŸ™‚

This past Friday the gang got together to bid adieu to Selene as she heads back to (strangely enough) Hong Kong. We had aspirations of First Thai but were denied since they’re closed for Chinese New Year. Not one to be discouraged, we trekked a little further to Liang Seah Street and settled on Crystal Jade Hong Kong Cafe.

I was a bit confused at first. I had been to Crystal Jade before but their speciality was xiao long bao and la mian. This CJ was all about congee and milk tea. Apparently the Crystal Jade peeps have their fingers in lots of different pots and this is a different flavor of the same chain.

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Written by joann

January 25, 2009 at 10:08 pm

orange shabu shabu, taipei

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I’m behind a few days on the TPE-week. Let’s do some catching up.

Jess had planned to take us to hotpot on Friday after our trip to the Palace Museum. Which, ps, we did in a record 1.5 hours. Some say that’s not enough time to see the crazy huge treasure trove of Chinese artifacts. For 3 ADD tourists, it was a smidge rushed but acceptable. If you visit, give yourself 3+ hours to enjoy.

But, I digress.

When Simon heard of our plans he mocked us for our choice in hotpot venue and told us to swing by and join his friends at Orange Shabu Shabu. Since Simon is probably the most useful person we know in the whole universe, we easily agreed.

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Written by joann

October 26, 2008 at 8:53 pm

singapore hits and misses: vol 1

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As predicted, Singapore is a food blogger’s paradise. Three new meals a day means lots of food pictures. Extreme laziness (and the aforementioned not so comfortable internet connection setup) means lots of blogging backlog.

Back to the paradise. Some food is good and some food is bad (okay not *that* bad). Here’s a sampling of what food-life has been like. Get comfy. It’s a doozy.

HIT: I’m a creature of habit and I’ve grown accustomed to turning right from the service apts into Clarke Quay. Vinny, crazy guy that he is, suggested that I try going LEFT. Strange, strange idea. Resulted in mini-wok of soupy but crispy noodles and seafood. Add a drink and it will set you back about SGD 5.

HIT: Char kway teow. This one from the stall at Kopitiam at Central. The man that works the counter makes 2 dishes: char kway teow and some prawn mee something or other. Agree to add chilli and feast on pad see ew-like goodness of wide noodles, bits of egg, crunchy bean sprouts, cockles (aka mochacocka – what an awesome name), Chinese sausage, and fishcake. SGD 4.

MISS: Mom and Dad came and I took them to the previously mentioned Kopitiam. We picked the pho and were disappointed. Little shriveled bits of meat, an oddly sweet broth spiced with lemongrass (sorry, not a fan), and other greenery. The longer it steeped, the more turned off I got.

HIT: Porridge from one of the many stalls at Lau Pa Sat (LPS – learn this acronym, you’re going to get pretty familiar with it). Chicken and egg, green onions, crunchy noodles, fried onions, white pepper, and cut up ‘oil sticks.’ This was ridiculously cheap like SGD3.50 or something.

HIT: Looks weird, tastes good. Kopitiam also has a dessert stall and I had this two nights in a row. Crushed ice with soursop (that’s that fleshy stuff on top with the big black seed inside), some tapioca like/frog eyes looking business, and ice jelly with a kalamansi as garnish. Very light and very refreshing. Compare that to…

HIT: WOW. Peanut ice kachang from the same dessert place. Crushed ice, sweet corn, a sweet peanut sauce, condensed milk, crushed peanuts. The heaviest shaved ice dessert ever. Better than a candy bar. SGD2.60

MISS: Ramen with gyoza from LPS. This one though is probably my fault – I didn’t eat it on the spot and took it back to the office instead. The noodles were very soft and the veggies and garnish were kind of one big mass. The gyoza was pretty good though so all was not lost.

MISS: These were the worst spring rolls I’ve ever had. Weird herbs and dry spring roll skin. Blech. From the same place as the funky pho.

HIT: Steamed bun with sweet yam filling from 7-11. I tried to get another one today but was moted by the steamed bun cabinet – it would not open! I had this one with soy milk for breakfast the other day. Hit the spot. If you’re wondering, the filling is yellow. A snack for Laker fans?

You are probably concerned about my health and are wondering if I’ve ballooned to 500lbs. Luckily, I walk about 2 miles a day (not an exaggeration) so that’s helping keep the calories in check and allows for guilt-free gorging at lunch.

almost but not really macau

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We rolled up to the Hong Kong YMCA (which btw is surprisingly nice) pretty late. Good thing we were with Jen who knows this part of HK like the back of her Cantonese hand. We ended up at Macau Restaurant which you can tell is a good choice since it was 10pm and still poppin with lots of locals pulling up stools.

I *think* this is a honey lemon drink. Although, I feel like it was more complicated than that. In any case, it’s listed as one of their specialties, I ordered it iced, and I thought it was nicely refreshing. Extra points that it was served in one of those old school metal diner cups.

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Written by joann

May 28, 2008 at 10:35 pm

hong kong dreamin’

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Seven days later, a few Benjamins shorter, and a few pounds heavier I’m finally back in the Bay Area. Hong Kong was so much fun! Who knew an impromptu trip could turn out so well? If you are ever in need of a trip to Asia, Hong Kong is a good pick – English speaking, mall loving, foodie heaven.

We took a super late flight to Hong Kong from San Francisco on good ol’ Singapore Airlines and arrived at our hotel around 10:30am local time. Tired from the long flight and the hour long trip from the airport we headed to the hotel’s restaurant, Cafe du Parc, for breakfast. I ordered the Oriental Breakfast for HKD90 (about USD12).

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Written by joann

January 22, 2008 at 11:49 pm

lazy arrozcaldo aka post numero uno

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Welcome! I’m pretty good at starting things and not finishing them. This is the latest in my attempt to get new hobbies. Let’s see how long this lasts…

Anyway, I cooked my first meal in the new apartment this evening. I call it [lazy arrozcaldo] – basically chicken porridge. In the Philippines rice porridge has different names depending on what you throw in. Here’s your cultural lesson for the day:

arrozcaldo: chicken rice porridge
lugaw: plain rice porridge
goto: beef rice porridge

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Written by joann

March 20, 2007 at 12:00 am

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