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the great singapore food tour

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I’m supposed to be in Bangkok right now relaxing with some iberry after a long day of ziplining in the rainforests of Chonburi. Instead, I’m chillin on the couch watching the first season of The OC with the brothers. What are the odds that my brother would develop a 101F fever, sore throat, and nausea 8 hours before our flight? Sigh. Grounded.

This does mean I have lots of time on my hands and thus have fewer excuses to drag my feet on the ol’ blog. In truth I’ve been feeling wishy washy about it. To blog or not to blog? I’ve been taking the camera out less and less, feeling less impressed and less intrigued by the yum yums to be had all over the island. Too lazy to document any culinary magic happening in my humble kitchen. In short my friends I’m feeling all blogged out. I’m trying to get revved up about it again so let’s begin by a post that needs, nay aches, to see the light of day.

Nags and I with the leadership of some of our favorite true blue Singaporeans, Melina and Isaac, put together an office food tour to visit 4 of the island’s tastiest hawker stalls. Please make way for the gluttony of 1 rainy Saturday in Singapore, 17 hungry tummies, and 4 hours of num nums in the tum tum.


The fun started in Tiong Bahru which I have to say has a pretty nice, modern hawker center. Very spacious, adequately clean, and lots of variety.

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die die must try satay?

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Slow goin’ on the blog these days. I’m still eatin’ but lately have been feeling uninspired. After a Saturday of wasting lots of money on things I don’t need, I had planned on spending a lazy Sunday cooped up inside, sleepin’ in, and enjoying my new kdrama. Around 2pm I started feeling a little too sloth-like and changed my plans to include house cleaning and a visit to a Makansutra-touted eatery.

I decided on tracking down some satay or popiah – two Singaporean eats that I hadn’t had yet. (Shameful, I know.) I wanted to get a good walk in too so I decided on getting satay at the hawker center on Old Airport Road. The popiah would have to wait for another Sunday.

Chuan Kee Satay is just one chopstick away from the ‘Die Die Must Try’ level on the Makansutra guide. The menu is straightforward: pork, chicken, or mutton for 40c a stick – minimum 10 stick order. It’s a-ok to mix and match. You can buy a bundle of rice for 50c to complement your meal. For SGD4.50 I got 5 pork sticks, 5 chicken sticks, and a thing of rice.

YUM. I love me some chargrilled meats. I had big expectations for this meal – one chopstick away from DDMT! is kind of a big deal. Let’s start with the rice. This was not what I was expecting. It was cold and mushy. It’s served cut up into 4 pieces so you can spear them and stick ’em in your mouth sans utensil. To enjoy them however, you would need to be a fan of cold, super mushy rice. Weird. I still finished half of it but still. Weird.

Lil’ zoom in on the meat here. It’s pretty good. Fatty but not disturbingly so. Appropriately chargrilled in the right spots. The right amount of tenderness. Now the bad. Whatever glaze they use is too sweet. So sweet that I couldn’t really tell the difference between the pork or chicken sticks. If they eased up on it a bit I think this would taste better.

I wasn’t immediately in love with the satay sauce (see first picture) when I first tasted it but after giving it a good mix I started to get more of the peanut flavor I was looking for. Would have been a nice pairing if the meat wasn’t already so so sweet.

I’m going to need to try other satay stands to see how this one really rates. I walked away full (the giant cup of lime juice helped), nowhere near hungry enough to try anything else at the hawker center, but lacking in the protein fill up I was hoping for.

Even though Makansutra failed me on this run, I think I really need to make more use of this book. I’m going to try to hit up at least 1 MS suggestion a week. Who’s with me?

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September 28, 2008 at 6:59 pm

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rimping village part 2

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Yah, that’s right we ate at the hotel two nights in a row in Chiang Mai. What can I say? We were too lazy and chicken to venture too far from the hotel. We were also beat from all the monkeying around in the jungle and decided that turning in early would be ideal. If it makes you feel better we sorta kinda walked through the Night Market.

Can we take a moment and just give props to the awesomeness of my picture taking skills right now. These were taken on Jlin’s camera as I was too lazy to go upstairs to grab mine. Veggie egg rolls freshly fried served with a sweet and spicy sauce. They look like little nubbins.

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May 26, 2008 at 12:29 pm