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Right ok so this trip down memory lane is going to be weird. Sometimes I’ll remember the food but won’t remember the place, sometimes I’ll remember the place but not the food. If at all possible I’ll try to go back in time and look everything up but sometimes it ain’t gonna work out – this is one of those times.

I’m pretty sure this place has one of those Chinese-only signboards anyway. I vaguely remember it being around the Bugis area, possibly near Blu Jazz but Street View shows nada. Whatever, I’m not going to recommend you go here anyway. Ha.

Have you had Sichuan/Szechuan food before?

There’s a lot of peppers involved. Peppers and oil. You won’t be able to feel your tongue afterwards.

We started with the dish above which was spicy but nicely offset by the cilantro. What is it you ask? That is a good question. I think it’s pork but some part that people don’t usually like to eat. Ears maybe? Something with cartilage. What? It was a long time ago. Do you want to go down memory lane or not?

Did you want some peppers with that?

This was fish + bean sprouts + oil + peppers. I thought it was very, very oily. How oily? Oily enough where they leave a pile of white bread for you to pad your plate with.

You order at this place by getting a list of possible ingredients, ticking off everything you want, and then getting a giant bowl of the hot mess you ordered.

There is SO MUCH random in this bowl – beef, fishballs, bean curd strips, cilantro, and oil. Lots and lots of oil. Still can’t imagine how much oil huh?

See the bowl on the left? See the liquid in the bowl? It’s oil. Not broth. Not water. Not sauce. Oil.

Aside from the oil this stuff was HOT. Like can’t feel your tongue after awhile hot. Like omg how do you stop the tingling hot. The worst part is that it’s oily hot which means no amount of water or tea is going to be able to wash the heat away. Some people are huge fans of this but you can’t taste anything after about 5 bites so my enjoyment factor was very low.


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October 18, 2010 at 2:26 pm

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